I liked your group - It was like taking a trip around the world - South America, Africa and Europe all in 30 minutes!
The energy of your group was infectious - I "caught" it - like you catch a cold - but in a good way! I haven't enjoyed listening to a vocal group as much in a long time. Also - your enthusiasm was at a level high enough to come through the speakers, which is kind of rare for a recording!
Roger Treece

hi, sisters.
so nice your version to my "mama africa". i am very happy. great honor. thank you very much. nice voices and propose.
Chico César

Io ho lavorato con queste ragazze (o devo dire signore?) e sono stato contento, perchè è un gruppo che non canta, semplicemente: loro, le signore, sentono... e sentendole, lo sentirete!
Arnoldo Foà



Vocal Sisters

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Dolce Maremma
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Ha po zamani
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Thula Mama
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Click song
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Mama Africa
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Waka Waka
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Vula Botha
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Christmas Gospel
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Twenty Years
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Donne di Mare
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